Monthly Archives: December 2006

Super Lightning weblink

Well I’ll be… A fellow traveller has built an immaculate SuperLightning that I just stumbled across via Google. With build photos and all. Enjoy!

Mini Leader flight report part 2

I had another go with the Mini Leader in a park near our house. The battery was slightly more forward. As it turns out, it was still a bit tailheavy so I need to shove it as far forward as possible. I’m not very scientific about CG’s, I measure with a ruler and holde the […]

Super Lightning reloaded

Do you remember the “Super Lightning” made by Flair in the 1980’s? Internal pipe, all balsa/foam construction. I built one when I was 18. It was a wonderfully simple box construction but with lines like a pro molded thouroughbred. I have fond memories of it although it was a jinxed aeroplane – it crashed on […]

Mini leader flies

I had to opportunity to take my 2 year old daughter and the new Mini-leader out flying on saturday. It was a beautiful morning, wind and cloudless with a crisp frost underfoot. The plane flew uneventfully straight out of my hands but it seemed tailheavy so I gained some altitude and tried to trim it. […]

1,5mm pianowire just don’t cut it!

Tail linkages, originally uploaded by aerowold. I knew it was folly even when I mounted it but I really did expect it t o hold up more than it did. The home-made 1,5mm tail geat just sagged completely when the plane was rested on it’s three legs for the first time. Blah. Went out and […]

Glow engines – It’s gotta smoke

My dad’s into engines in a big way so it’s kind of rubbed off on me I guess. He toys with old control line diesels and little 2,5cc russian made engines with bone-shattering noise. I just stick to two-strokes mostly and I like my engines un-pumped, trouble free and most of all I like it […]

Modelling links

Clubs MMFK Vingtor People Ola Fremming Jean Claude Spillman Don Ramsey’s Pattern Site Yoichiro Akiba Peter Erang Christophe Paysant-LeRoux Sebastiano Silvestri F3A Tomo’s F3A links Masahiro’s Hobby World F3A Sweden F3A Finland F3A Norway Australian Pattern Association Noel Barrett RC Aerosport F3A planes Probuild Modelltechnik Lorenz Bridi airplanes Yoshioka Model Factory OK Model Company Oxai […]

Equipment I use

Radio: Graupner MC-22The Graupner MC-22 is a fantastic radio! Notice the three-way stick-switch which is an add-on that enables you to switch flight modes without taking your hand off the stick. I use this to toggle full rudder throw on the way up during stall turns, and to switch all rates to high before entering […]

F3A plans wanted

This list is moved to the F3A plans page Here’s a list of plans I’d love to have in my collection. Leave a comment if you own any of these plans. I’ll buy or trade!

F3A plans collection

This list is moved to the F3A plans page I’m collecting plans for F3A models, doing my bit to preserve the classicdesigns. I buy plans and trade with other modellers. Perhaps you have a plan I want? Sorry I do not sell plans but I will trade and buy