September 21, 2023

Equipment I use

Radio: Graupner MC-22

The Graupner MC-22 is a fantastic radio! Notice the three-way stick-switch which is an add-on that enables you to switch flight modes without taking your hand off the stick. I use this to toggle full rudder throw on the way up during stall turns, and to switch all rates to high before entering spins.

Large display – in German which I understand fine.

Tray, strap and case

Starter: Kavan planetary geared starter

Very powerful and compact. I have two battery packs, one 12v Sanyo 1,8 Ah NiCd and one GP 14,4 volt 2,0 Ah pack which is lighter, smaller and remarkably powerful

Charger: Graupner Ultra Duo Plus 30

Up to 7 amps on a 30 cell NiCd pack and up to 10S Lipo. I can’t imagine what else I’ll need so this baby will stay with me a long time.

Glow driver: Home-made

I built a box around a switch, an Ammeter and a single NiCd sub C cell.Very basic but much more useful than a standard glow clip.

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