December 9, 2023

Mini Leader flight report part 2

I had another go with the Mini Leader in a park near our house. The battery was slightly more forward. As it turns out, it was still a bit tailheavy so I need to shove it as far forward as possible. I’m not very scientific about CG’s, I measure with a ruler and holde the plane thumb-forefinger and see which way it dips. The instructions must have been off, 8 cm from the leading edge is not correct, 6 cm is more like it.

Still I had great fun. The 1,3 amp cells powering a 9×6 APC-SF prop gave enough power for F3A practice and the controls were super-responsive, it even stall-turned very nicely. Rolls, knife-edge etc were performed with ease. Being tailheavy it snapped very easily but never when I didn’t want it too, proof that the proper CG is not far off. And it hovered very easily but of course it’s no 3D model so the moveable surfaces are far too small to keep it still for torquerolling. I must try a 1,5 or 1,7 amp battery to provide a touch more omph and get the required weight in the nose but I really look forward to the next encounter with this well-behaved little frenchman! Good looks AND good manners in such a budget package is absolutely wonderful. Finally some good clean and wholesome electric fun that’s not just toying around with airborne foam blocks.

But watch out, sometime this winter the O.S 1.60 will be broken in inside my garage :0)

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