Monthly Archives: January 2007

Bluebird build

Bluebird build, originally uploaded by aerowold. 5 more minutes of build time produced this… And yes, it’s triangular! Why shouldn’t it be?

Free-Air Jak-55

Free-Air Jak-55, originally uploaded by aerowold. My first ever foamie. I flew this one a lot using a Mega motor and lipo battery. I had great fun flying limbo around a power cable near out house. The radio gear is now mounted in the Mini Leader and the motor will be uses in the bluebird […]

EZ Supra Star 25

EZ Supra Star 25, originally uploaded by aerowold. I found this in one of my friends’ hobbyroom, well covered with dust and not looking like the million dollars it must have when it came out of the box. I managed to persuade him to let me buy it (sucker..) and now it’s awaiting fine weather […]

Aircraft stand for 2-meter models

Aircraft stand for 2-meter models, originally uploaded by aerowold. Custom made for the Laser by Arne Løsness

EZ Supra Fly 45

More pictures

OK model Supra Fly 25

A joy to fly, but a little underpowered. Doesn’t like wind since it’s very light. Powered by an O.S .40 LA with the stock muffler. More pictures

Joe Bridi Killer Kaos

The first of many pattern planes NOT to crash the first season (or first flight for that matter), the Killer Kaos taught me to fly aerobatics very nicely. It’s stable and slow and does not stall if you try. My mainstay for 4 years when I was not flying all that much, It was sold […]

Lorenz Laser F3A

This blog lacks information about my primary competition F3A model so here it is: Measures 198x198cm Weight: Not sure, but must be less than 5 kg! O.S 1.60 FX Engine Lorenz header Lorenz/Greve pipe JR/Graupner DS8321, DS 8301 and DS-8311 servos Graupner/JR SMC-14 SPCM receiver Composite fuse with red paint and white stickers Foam wing, […]

New Lorenz model

Following the tradition of the High Society and Laser, the 2-meter Sharona from Lorenz is developed in-house as a GFK fuse and foam/balsa flying surfaces plane and available in every degree of completeness imaginable. Prices to be announced at the time of writing.

New model available at Lorenz

German F3A supplier Wolfgang Lorenz now imports the Styling 160 2-meter, said to be “real Japanese Quality” and at 1948 EUR for the prefinished airframe it probably is!