Monthly Archives: February 2007

New design for the Lorenz Laser

Lorenz now offers another interesting design for their 2+2 Laser. This is offered as an option to the ARF version in addition to the established Laser and Bud Light designs and can also be adopted to other models from Lorenz. More pictures on Lorenz’ website, look under “F3A models.

Calypso build thread on RC Universe

Rajoo from Singapore is building one of the finest ARC kits of all time, the Modeltech Calypso. Follow the build of Hanno Prettners classic on RC universe

New Graupner Kwik Fly MK3 ARF

A modern ARF version of the pattern classic is featured in Graupner’s 2007 lineup. Designed for the O.S .55 AX and optional pneumatic retracts. See specs here or have a look at page 29 of Graupners 2007 news catalogue (PDF)

Supra Fly videos on Youtube

I’ve posted four videos on YouTube, recorded during an easter holiday 2005 when I flew the little Supra Fly 25 at a Frozen lake near Oslo. Check it out:

Aerobatic schedules

Until I get time to post schedules in a permanent place, here’s a link to the old site where they can be downloaded.

Harry Kolberg HK4

Harry Kolberg HK4, originally uploaded by aerowold. Another has-been from my inventory… My dad found this one in his friend Harry Kolbergs basement. It had some scratches from landing in a tree (!) and had not been used for over a decade but Harry can build planes like no other, and it is light and […]

Kyosho Sensation 1400 ARF

Kyosho Sensation 1400 ARF, originally uploaded by aerowold. My planes – The wonderful little Sensation 1400, powered by a Super Tigre G-51 engine. It’s a motley little plane full of patches, dents and repair work. A real nine-lives job, probably has about five lives left. Image Gallery:

Röga Model Dalotel 150 ARC

Röga Model Dalotel 150 ARC, originally uploaded by aerowold. Another plane on my shelf: Again, a Hanno Prettner design. This was very popular in the 80’s when Hanno won the TOC using a huge Dalotel scale model. The Dalotel is a very interesting scale subject. A friend of mine called it “The best kept secret […]

Mantua model Kosmo 3

Mantua model Kosmo 3, originally uploaded by aerowold. Continuing the My planes series, here’s another box of wood that’s in my collection for safe keeping until time and energy finds me at the same time… A wonderful 1970’s Italian classic. It will be a blast with an O.S 60 engine. Image Gallery:

ModelTech Saphir II

ModelTech Saphir II, originally uploaded by aerowold. Continuing to add to my list of planes, here’s the big beautiful and oh so smooth flying Saphir II. Weighing just 3,5 kilos with retracts, pipe etc it flies very nicely with the Hanno Special. Image gallery: