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Japanese Championship preliminaries

Masahiro reports from the first Japanese Championship preliminary round.

Pichler Modellbau sell cheap pattern engines

Yes, they are very cheap indeed! Although not designated pattern engines if you compare them to a 1.40 RX, the new 1.30 and 1.40 engines still have CC enough to power a lot of 2-meter models if you want to get into the air without a mortgage. The 1.40 (23 ccm) weighs just 650 grams […]

Thunder Tiger 1.20 reloaded

According to the April edition of the German Modell magazine, Thunder Tiger presented two new 1.20 engines at Nuremberg, one with side-exhaust and one rear exhaust. Apparently, they are quite unique and feature a cylinder which is screwed into a socket in the main case, lightbulb-style Forget I said that – I was wrong I […]

Webra Speed 1.50 engine to compete with O.S?

Webra launches two new engines, a 1.50 (25cc) in a brand new case. The ringed engine is a decent alternative to the O.S 1.60 FX (26cc) and is also available in an ignition version called 150i. Recommended props range from 16×10 to 19×8 and with a weight of just 740 grams the 4,2 HP powerhouse […]

schulze’s next generation charger

Hot on the heels of the new Robbe Power Peak III charger follows Shulze Elektronik’s “Next generation” charger and promises according to Schulze to become the leading charging device against which all others are measured. Looking at the specifications which are impressive enough, they might be right but it also incorporates a built-in balancer for […]

Behold the mother of all engines

Ron Barr of Futaba USA has received a new O.S 2.0 EFI fourstroke engine for evaluation and testing and reports of his findings, with pictures, in this thread on RC Universe. The engine is supposed to be available in Japan in May and in the U.S in June this year. Start saving right now because […]

New Norwegian beginners schedule

To replace the (boring) Vingtreff schedule in national contests, the Norwegian F3A group presents a new schedule called Sport-07 which is combines the legacy from the 1980’s sportsman schedule and some elements of the current N-07 Nordic schedule. The new S-07 is meant to bridge the gap to the full Nordic schedule and will hopefully […]

Axial, Lazulite, new by Lorenz

Lorenz now offers two new full-composite models, the trusty old Lazulite that was the European Championship model of Roland Matt and a brand new design called Axial. Many versions are on offer.

Looking for Hanno Prettner?

I can tell by looking at the stats for this site that a great number of people come here looking for Information about Hanno Prettner, here pictured with his TOC Dalotel. I have a lot of his planes and some of his plans but it’s scattered and not always easy to find it all. To […]