Monthly Archives: April 2007

Mini Leader flying session

Mini Leader flying session, originally uploaded by aerowold. Spent a lovely time flying the wonderful little electric Mini Leader at Ekeberg today.

Electric warmliner build

Electric warmliner build, originally uploaded by aerowold. Not very F3A I know, but I need something to fly in the park when there’s too much wind for the Mini Leader. I know I’m mad but I’m gonna scratchbuild this one and enjoy doing it. Mega 22/30 motor and Kontronik Pix 4000 ESC. 12 GP 2000 […]

I bet you didn’t know that…

Airplane designer extraordinaire Yoichiro Akiba of the Japanese F3A team is building a YS-powered semi-scale F3A Ki-61 Hien (Swallow)?

CPLR new planes Osmose

In this thread on RC Universe you can see pictures of what is probably the successor to Christope Paysant-LeRoux’s Oxalys world champion model. I’m pleased to see he is still glow powered.

New Oxai adventure biplane

The Gichii Naruke designed Adventure F3A biplane is now available from Oxai.

Great planes re-launch Ultra Sports, Tracer classics

Great planes’ classic F3A sports models Ultra Sport and Tracer are coming back in kit form, Tower Hobbies lists the three kits as available in July. The classic balsa and ply kits are back by popular demand. Sign me up for a US .60 please… Look at: Ultra Sport 60, Ultra Sport 40, Tracer 40

New O.S engines announced at Toledo show

Foto: RC UniverseO.S engines continues to innovate rather than duplicate, as is so popular with engine makers these days. Another good reason to fly O.S! Fresh reports from the Toledo model show are posted at RC universe and I’m pleased to see an all-new O.S .75 AX two stroke which should bring great joy to […]

Hannos big planes part 3

In the late 1990’s Hanno built and flew the most advanced show plane in the series, the Sensation 2000.The plane is still kitted by his old friend Yoshioka at Yoshioka Model Factory in Japan.Shown here at a 5000+ spectator air pageant in Japan, Hanno flew his Sensation with some of his old friends from the […]

Hannos big planes part 2

In the EZ/O.S. engine years of his career Hanno Prettner produced a number of show planes based on his experience with F3A models and the big Supra Fly.The big Supra Star shown in the picture above was powered by the new O.S. 35cc BG-X engine which was a powerhouse of unprecedented proportions in the 1980’s. […]

Hannos big planes part 1

While Hanno is primarily known for his performances in F3A back in the days when .60 engines were the rule, he also flew in the TOC (Tournament of Champions) in Las Vegas, winning everything there was to win for years on end. Attempts to alter the rules to allow others to win failed, he kept […]