Monthly Archives: June 2007

Saturday flying at Rustad

Saturday flying at Rustad, originally uploaded by aerowold.

New F3A schedules

The new F3A schedules P-09, P-11, F-09 and F-11 to be flown from 01.01.2009 and 01.01.2011 respectively are now official. Download the schedules and aresti drawings at Ola Fremming’s website and start practicing.

Ola reports from Bings Cup

9 F3A and 6 Nordic pilots flew in beautiful weather at Bings Cup, Ola Fremming reports.

2007 all Japan F3A contest

Masahiro Furuuchi reports from that place on earth where every plane is a work of art and every one of them is powered by nitro -Japan. Feast your eyes on the pictures he took of the beautiful planes.

Akiba’s Ki-61 F3A flies

The old fox Yoichiro Akiba of the Japanese National F3A team has posted pictures of his new semi-scale F3A version of the famous WWII fighter Ki-61 Hien (Tony). And what an incredible beauty it is.

Nordic N-07 video

Per Gundersen flies the Nordic N-07 pattern schedule at KrĂ„kstad on May 26th. Thankfully the pilot is a lot steadier than the cameraman who loses the plane from view several times. (Yes it’s me filming and I’ve no one to blame but self…) And Per, that stall turn is a wingover if I ever saw […]