Monthly Archives: August 2007

Weight saving Laser RX Battery

Something had to be done about the overweight Laser so I’ve invested a bit in replacing the heavy GP 2000 mAh NiMH battery. The weight saved was 84 grams, not bad for more than 130 euros worth of kit… That’s F3A nuts for you. I didn’t need the 5-cell 2000 mAh battery in the first […]

Nordic N-09 official

The Nordic schedule for next year is official and can be downloaded from (PDF)And very fun to fly it is!

Pattern weekend at kråkstad

Pattern weekend at kråkstad, originally uploaded by aerowold.

Laser aerial photos

Thanks to Øystein Eckermann for these nice photos. All images can be seen at Flickr.


Disembowelment, originally uploaded by aerowold. Running up the engine on the ground, the pipe kept slipping off the header. The pipe is just coupled to the header with silicone and strips, and crammed into the pipe tunnel,. A very quiet setup but the same reason was also it’s undoing – it has no physical restraint […]

Laser flies again

DSCN2994, originally uploaded by aerowold. I had two wonderful flights today, getting to know the Laser.The engine is impressive, low noise and lots of power. I leaned it quite a bit and it went from smoking 6-minute flight to a sweet running 9 minute flight after leaning it out, it’s used just over 2 litres […]

New plane – GP Ultra Sport 60

I built an Ultra Sport 40 when I was 16. It had an O.S 91 Surpass for power, featured trike gear and a gorgeous paint job. It was way to much to handle for a rookie pilot and after a few minutes of desparately trying to keep it airborne, all that was left of it […]