Monthly Archives: November 2007

News of the week

Two hitech HS-5985 MG have arrived at my door… …and so has a Graupner SMC-16 scan receiver, and fresh from Tower Hobbies… …an O.S 200 FS waiting for me at the post office. Laser 2 (blue) wings pretty much ready. Details will follow. PS: Sebart now offers Sukhoi 1.40 and Katana 1.20 for those into […]

New O.S fourbangers

No it’s not the standard unpumped version, and not the shamefully expensive EFI. It’s a 200 FS pumped, with a new pump and fuel regulator. Should be a fantastic alternative to the YS 1.70 for people on a budget (me), people who love O.S engines (me) and people not wanting to run the 30% nitro […]

Quique wins WC!

Photo by Xavier Almeida, Ecuador Quique Somenzini (USA) wins first place in the F3A World Championships, followed by Christophe Paysant-LeRoux (FRA) and Tetsuo Onda (JPN)Sensationally it’s the first ever biplane F3A worlds victory and the world champ is still glow powered! The top three are all flying YS and OS fourstrokes, and believe it or […]

EZ Supra Star 25

EZ Supra Star 25, originally uploaded by aerowold. I’ve had this one stored away for some time now and when I looked it over now I was surprised to find it almost flight ready. It is missing receiver, battery and switch but apart from that it’s good to go. I found a suitable receiver and […]

2007 WC starting now

The 25th F3A world championship is underway in Argentina. In these moments before the preliminaries get going, I’d like to take a crack at guessing the final top 10 standings. (And I will NOT cheat by editing this post retrospectively!)My guess is: 1: Christophe Paysant LeRoux FRA2. Tetsuo Onda JPN3. Gerhard Mayr AUT4. Yoichiro Akiba […]

The evil twin

No, it’s not a retouched photo, this is my new 2-meter straight out of the box. After talking to Lorenz about a custom color scheme we agreed on a blue/yellow version with standard decals, made to look like a more scale Laser 200. A noticeable difference is that the underside is also blue so that […]