Monthly Archives: December 2007

ZN Suxsess

Audun is the proud owner of the only model of this kind in scandinavia. Built by Kjell Tore Pettersen and powered by a YS 1.60

Visiting Audun

Flying buddy Audun is happy now that his o.s. 55 ax powered shadow is broken in and ready to fly

Ailerons done

Pushrod is 2,5mm carbon glued to solder-links. If it holds during engine break-in then i’ll fly with it

Wing underside

Simple high-vis trim using white monokote

O.S. 200 FS

O.S. 200 FS, originally uploaded by aerowold. Smokin!

Laser (blue) specifications

The list of items to go into the Laser is getting pretty complete: Servos Hitec HS-6635HB x2 (Wings) Hitec HS-5985MG x2 (Elevator, Rudder) Hitec HS-475HB (Throttle) Battery Emcotec DPSI mini dual power with magnetic switch Graupner (Kokam) 2S 800mAh LiPo x2 Receiver Graupner SMC-16 Scan 7 channel SPCM synth Radio Graupner MC-22 I’m missing tailgear, […]