December 9, 2023

Engine line-up

It occurred to me I’ve never really done an inventory of my engines. Until now.
In no particular order, the line-up is something like this:

  • O.S 1.60 FX (new)
  • O.S .61 FX (second bearing change due)
  • O.S .15 FP (new in box)
  • Super Tigre S-45K (Sans carb and very thoroughly worn out)
  • Super Tigre S-90K
  • S.C .25 ABC
  • Cox tee-dee 0.8cc, stolen from my father (I”m dead if he finds out)
  • O.S .91 Surpass I
  • O.S .61 RF Hanno special II ABC
  • Webra .80 LS competition w/pump (bearings starting to say chrrrw-chrrrw again)
  • Super Tigre G-51 ring, using S-45K carb
  • S.C .91 ABC
  • O.S .10 FP
  • Super Tigre G-34 ring (In pieces)
  • O.S .40 LA
  • O.S .46 LA
  • Super Tigre X-61K ABC

Sold engines

  • S.C .61 ABC (good riddens)
  • O.S .15 CV-A (how can I live with myself)

The G-34 was an interesting piece of work. It was one of the original Italian ones from the early 90’s. At the end of it’s life it sounded strange and lost compression but still ran beautifully. When we opened it up we found the ring bust in three places and half a ball from the rear bearing on top of the piston, it had come up the cylinder through the piston ring.

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