October 1, 2023

Laser overweight

While waiting to testfly I’ve weighed the Laser and it came out like this:

  • Wing half 1: 515gr.
  • Wing half 2: 515gr.
  • Fuse : 3760gr.
  • Switch, prop and spinner: 238gr.
  • Total: 5028gr.

That means it’s over the 5kg. limit and something must be done. I’m not too worried, I know the spinner is on the heavy side and the switch and battery will only be used until I can get my hands on Schulze’s LiPo RX 2000.7 which should save a lot of weight. The wheel pants aren’t practical for grass flying and will probably be taken off before the first flight. I can also save on the throttle servo which is currently a JR DS8321 which is what was lying around at the time. But it shows that when aiming for 4,5 kilos you have to watch the weight every step of the way. Maybe even the pipe can be replaced by something lighter.

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