September 21, 2023

MK Akromaster

MK Akromaster, originally uploaded by aerowold.

The most recent addition to my collection arrived today. For the grand sum of just 700,- NOK I got this beautiful specimen, and apart from the main wing it’s all nicely built too!

The plane is big – 1.20 FS is possibly not powerful enough for todays Noridc schedule so I’ll look into fitting an O.S 1.20 AX 2-stroke in there. The nose is made for an inverted engine but there’s a lot of space so a muffler can probably be fitted somewhere inside the cowl. A Pipe is not an option with this fuse.

See pictures here:

2 thoughts on “MK Akromaster

  1. Hi Jon,

    I am a modeller from Medan, Indonesia. Came across your web as i was looking for a building thread of MK Akromaster. Do you mind sharing building tips ? I am building one from an original MK Kit and information on the plans are all written in Japanesse.

    with warm regards
    richard hutasoit

  2. Sorry I have not built it myself, I bought it half-built and it’s still in that state (Only the wing left to build). Let me know how your Akromaster turns out. you should have no problems building MK kits without instructions if you have built kits before, everything fits perfectly.

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