New O.S fourbangers

No it’s not the standard unpumped version, and not the shamefully expensive EFI. It’s a 200 FS pumped, with a new pump and fuel regulator. Should be a fantastic alternative to the YS 1.70 for people on a budget (me), people who love O.S engines (me) and people not wanting to run the 30% nitro fuel that YS requires (me also…) Have a look at this video from RC Universe (21 MB .vmw)

Also new from OS is the .81 FS-a, replacing the .70 surpass. The .81 is a new development but fits in the same bolt-pattern as the old 70. And there I was thinking to myself “what would be the perfect engine for a glow-conversion of the Sebart Angel S 50?”… And whaddayaknow, some engine company in Japan makes just such an engine :-)