September 21, 2023

Röga Model Dalotel 150 ARC

Röga Model Dalotel 150 ARC, originally uploaded by aerowold.

Another plane on my shelf:

Again, a Hanno Prettner design. This was very popular in the 80’s when Hanno won the TOC using a huge Dalotel scale model.

The Dalotel is a very interesting scale subject. A friend of mine called it “The best kept secret in IMAC”. The plane has perfect proportions suitable for a scale aerobatic plane and as a model it could be capable of outflying the Extras and Caps so popular today. And If I ever build a scale model for F4C it will be a 2-metre Dalotel with an O.S 1.60. It would be the perfect plane and could even be used for F3A…

I’m currently considering using a 91 fourstroke instead of the rusty old X61. Not likely to fly anytime this year, but someday. I just had to have the kit when I came by it on a Swiss webstore. Can’t get a decent Dalotel anywhere these days…

The X-61is amazingly old. A Christmas present from my dad 13 years ago, I sold it unused to a friend who flew it once. It burned his pipe joint clean off. It’s been in his attic since and I bought it back from him for 900. Same price he paid for it all those years ago.

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2 thoughts on “Röga Model Dalotel 150 ARC

  1. Hi i have just finished building a ROGAMODELL DALOTEL 2000 wing span 1750mm length 1530mm for 4 stroke engines i have used a RCV91 in mine its low profile and is nearly covered by rhe cowel,in the instructions it states CofG 170mm to 190mm from trailing edge on the plan it states 170mm to 22omm for CofG can anyone advise on correct measurement please,the other point is i am haveing a lot of difficulty ballancing the model,do i try to ballance it correct way up or upside down as you do with some ARTF low wing models,any help given will be very mutch appreciated,regards Doug.

  2. Hi Dough, the RCV is probably all right for a scale model but you might want to consider something larger like the YS 110 if you’re gonna fly aerobatics. Let us know how you fare, and post some pictures!

    Measuring the CG is possible either way, there is no difference. It all depends on which way it’s easier for you to do it. Hanging it upside down does make it easier for low wing models. Just start with 180mm, that way you can safely test it and adjust it later to suit your flying style.

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