The evil twin

No, it’s not a retouched photo, this is my new 2-meter straight out of the box. After talking to Lorenz about a custom color scheme we agreed on a blue/yellow version with standard decals, made to look like a more scale Laser 200. A noticeable difference is that the underside is also blue so that I can apply some white trim for visibility.

A bit dissapointing that the instructions and firewall are missing but Lorenz will fix that. The plane came in one big box and even though the packaging was not great, it was undamaged and with a superb finish. There was some smudge on the bottom of the fuze but it rubbed off with a rought cloth. The plane is sold by Lorenz in Germany and produced by Siegel modellbau. As could be expected by suchs brands, the quality is extreme although the price is not.
More pictures of the blue Laser here

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