December 5, 2023

Thunder Tiger 1.20 reloaded

According to the April edition of the German Modell magazine, Thunder Tiger presented two new 1.20 engines at Nuremberg, one with side-exhaust and one rear exhaust. Apparently, they are quite unique and feature a cylinder which is screwed into a socket in the main case, lightbulb-style

Forget I said that – I was wrong 🙂
I re-read the article today with fresh eyes and saw that the lightbulb-sockets are the cylinder heads and not the cylinder itself, and it was the all -new GP .18 and GP .28 engines, not the 1.20. Still, the article does say the 1.20 is “new” and that it comes in both side and rear-exhaust versions. I can find no other source of information but it’s not likely that the old 1.20 from the 1990’s is being launched in Germany for the first time in 2007 so the engines must be reworked somehow.

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