September 25, 2023

Weight saving Laser RX Battery

Something had to be done about the overweight Laser so I’ve invested a bit in replacing the heavy GP 2000 mAh NiMH battery. The weight saved was 84 grams, not bad for more than 130 euros worth of kit… That’s F3A nuts for you. I didn’t need the 5-cell 2000 mAh battery in the first place but my wallet hurts trying to follow that thought. Still, in the interest of safety the Emcotec MPS RV LiPo voltage regulator has a built in magnetic switch that is 100% shake, wear and tear proof unlike the old mechanical system. It keeps the servos happy pumping out a steady 5,9 volts and is very light and robust. Shown in the picture is the switch/regulator unit including magneto for switching on/off.

Here’s the original battery pack/switch unit which weighs in at 209 grams.

The DPS RV unit with all mounting hardware and a Graupner 2S 1500 mAh LiPo battery weighs 125 grams.

The DPS RV and battery mounted in the fuselage. Mounting is very easy due to the sticker which also acts as a drill guide and a soft sticky pad is included that will keep the unit safe from vibrations.

Outside view of the fuse. The LED is extremely bright and gives signals of LiPo or NiCD/NiMH modus, low voltage etc.

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