Monthly Archives: March 2008

JR X-347 radio

17 years old and still working beautifully. Back then it was the ultimate radio and surprisingly it is still perfectly adequate for gliders, Acro and helicopters. It has PCM, snaproll-switch and all the bells and whistles you could imagine. The only thing done to it is a new battery, apart from that it’s all standard. […]

Edge radio installation

I used kevlar instead of wire for the pull-pull rudder linkage. It is a lot less hassle in tight areas such as the rear fuse of the Edge where the wires come out, and so much easier to install. Just a drop of CA to fix it in place and it comes out tighter than […]

WC 1975 Bern

Thanks to Sigurdur Kristjansson for sharing this video! First time ever that I have seen moving images of 1970’s pattern flying. If you only have 10 minutes left to live, use 9 of them to watch this video, and the remaining minute to ponder why you never built and flew a Blue Angel when you […]

Edge engine

A very old O.S. .91 FS will provide power, and plenty of it.  Progess is steady and all bits just fall into place, this ARF is very well designed and the hardware adequate for the job, making life very easy indeed. Wings are ready, engine mounted, servos, battery and fuel system all in place.

Audun flies the Shadow

Check out the takeoff! A fair bit of grass became airborne with it. I suspect the tailwheel needs to be a bit lower. The film was made using my Sony Ericsson K850 phone.