Monthly Archives: May 2008

91 surpass still lives

And what a temper that still lives in the old thing! It kicks like a mule on steriods but runs so well after all that mistreatment and oil-less storage. That completes the Edge 540 radio setup and throttle installation. All that’s left now is stickers, cowling and a switch. I get nervous just thinking about […]

New 170 cdi, 110 FS-a

From Japan comes new stuff – Masahiros hobby world reports from the 2008 Shizuoka model show and brings info of a new O.S 1.10 FS-a fourstroke, as well as a Hirobo Aries F3A model and the YS answer to the O.S 200 EFI engine: A YS 170 DZ with electronic ignition. Speculation runs wild on […]

MK Top Star video

Henning Jordkjend’s MK Top Star 140 in action. Vingtor chairman Audun Thinn helps carry the model.

New engines coming

You can always trust O.S to be at the forefront of engine development.  Go to and feast your eyes on the perfect little .35 AX and the 200 pumper.  I gotta have both. How does one get by without them?

MK Top Star

A rather serious-looking Henning Jordkjend concentrating hard before a round of Nordic N-09 during saturday F3A practice at Vingtor. His plane is an MK Top Star with a 1.40 RX.

F3A training at Vingtor

Sadly I didn’t have time to see Audun fly his Suxess but I had a great time practicing with the help of some of the professionals. A social event designed to give newcomers a chance to get advice and practice, apparently enjoyed by all. Ola Fremmings Electric competition model, ZN line Integral.