Monthly Archives: June 2008

In the market for a new receiver

I flew yesterday! There’s hope after all… The red Laser performed well during two test flights and the engine was well behaved. New fuel was probably a good Idea. I also test flew the new Kyosho Edge. All went well, I had just enough time to think “wow, it’s rock solid and needs no trim […]

Engine mount

The standard Lorenz soft mount was used. It’s just four rubbers attached to a glass/epoxy plate plus a fibre-filled glass mount. 

Laser build

The tank is mounted on two rails made of honeycomb material, and strapped into place with rubber bands. The rubber bands hook onto two 4mm carbon fibre rods that are CA’d to the tank mount rails. Very simple, extremely light and rather peculiar… Simple does it! Fuel goes out of the fuse, where I’ll reach […]

Edge is ready

The Edge is ready to fly. The weather is perfect so it may not be long before it flies. It balanced about 5-10 mm in front of the recommended CG which is acceptable considering the big engine. See photos here