Monthly Archives: July 2008

Spanish F3A contest 1986

Found on Youtube. Worth a watch. Fantastic 1980s retro including Calypsoes, Jokers and the like.

Løten Cup

I came last in the Nordic class, which was no surprise since I have not practiced. But valuable lessons were learned, competing is the one thing that will teach you the most about what to improve about your flying and the model you use. I had a dead-stick on one round and lost a wheel […]

Double the fun?

In theory, it should provide double fun, double thrust, require twice the power and produce half the noise. Nothing of that will be true, but a better gadgetfactor-to-dollar ratio than a four blade APC 15,5×12 and matching Tru-Turn spinner does not exist, not in this life or on this earth! Central hobbies stocks both and […]