Monthly Archives: August 2008

Laser progress

It’s amazing what can happen in 30 minutes in the workshop. Suddenly several evenings worth of fitting, adjusting, drilling, grinding, fitting, throwing away, grinding more and even gnashing of teeth came together on one go. Once you decide that a good fit is good enough, go for it. And the damned thing fit like a […]

200 pumper

I have finished installing a Perry pump in the standard (unpumped) O.S 200 FS that will power my new Laser F3A model.  As you can see the pump is hung on to the engine mount, adding minimal weight and is a compact installation that I’m very happy with.  The fuel line that pressure feed the […]

Auto 4C Glow-Pro

Have you ever primed the engine, connected the glow driver, flipped the prop only to have the &%¤%¤##%!! engine lock up, backfire, toss the glow clip, loosen the prop nut and generally misbehave? Of course you have. This is something we all live with. With 2-strokes ist just annoying but with 4-strokes it can be […]

Electrics you say?

I may fly glow engines but when I’m in the workshop all I ever do is charge things! Not visible in the photo is the Laser being charged by a Schulze Lipo card. I’m also charging my DeWalt drill all the time too. I say, I’m as electric as the next man!

Laser test flight

I got 2 flights with the Laser yesterday. I spent some time tuning it again, only to find it was still rich at idle and now even lean at full throttle. After landing and making adjustments again I had two nice flights (one in pouring rain!) trying the N-09 schedule again. It really is a […]

New fieldbox

A new box! Smaller, lighter but even more room for tools than the previous one. It’s a Graupner “starterbox” # 1691, found in the 2008 news catalog. It has a sort of false bottom where you can put a 12v NiMh battery and lots of stuff you don’t dare to leave behind but never use. 

160 with pump

Here’s the updated plumbing on the 160 with the Perry pump installed. Pretty straightforward, so with hindsight I guess there was nothing to worry about but I’m also glad I’ve got experience of running it without a pump. Since the picture was taken I have added a Sullivan Crap-trap fuel filter between the tank and […]

Tapping the 160

In order to gain more reliability I decided to add a perry pump (VP-30) to the O.S 1.60 FX in the red Laser. I thought tapping a hole inthe backplate would be easy but the way this bugger is cast I was at a loss about how to proceed. The cast-metal backplate is so thin […]

New charger

I am now the proud owner of a Schulze LiPo Card 2 field charger. It can charge one lipo pack at a time, up to 4 cells and 3850 mAh charging current. The beooootiful thing is that is has a built in balancer and auto-detects cell and battery type when balancer is connected. Very nice […]

Saphir practice

While I’m repairing and working on the 2-meters the trusty Saphir is a nice practice plane for the Nordic 09 schedule.  I had five flights yesterday, one being cut short by a low battery warning on my transmitter. I nearly soiled myself as the saying goes, when the beeper beeped and landed as hastily as […]