December 9, 2023

In the market for a new receiver

I flew yesterday! There’s hope after all…

The red Laser performed well during two test flights and the engine was well behaved. New fuel was probably a good Idea.

I also test flew the new Kyosho Edge. All went well, I had just enough time to think “wow, it’s rock solid and needs no trim whatsoever” and then the plane started leaning to the left, and then some more, and when I reached for the trim lever – BAM – no control. After a series of flick rolls I regained control and managed to land safely.

It scared the shit out of me but that serves me right. I used a parkflyer type receiver (Corona) that is not meant for this type of plane. And I didn’t range check before I flew. So there. But I’ll try and learn from it, be happy that the plane flies well and is whole, and spend some moooneys on a new receiver as soon as possible.

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