September 21, 2023

Laser build

The tank is mounted on two rails made of honeycomb material, and strapped into place with rubber bands. The rubber bands hook onto two 4mm carbon fibre rods that are CA’d to the tank mount rails. Very simple, extremely light and rather peculiar…

Simple does it! Fuel goes out of the fuse, where I’ll reach the fuel line from outside the cowl for filling.

Elevator and rudder hooked up. MK bellcrank, 4mm carbon stuff glued with CA and dubro 2mm clevis and ball link.

The elevator pushrod is 5mm carbon rod. Goes through a balsa spar with foam padding mid-way along the fuselage.

The pull-pull wire is control-line wire which is very light. A piece of thin heatshrink tubing was added to one of the wires where they cross eachother inside the fuse, to avoid the wires rattling together, I try to avoid any metal to metal contact in all my planes.

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