December 9, 2023

3 thoughts on “Os 55 ax

  1. Bad warranty on the OS 55 AX Engine.

    I bought this motor on 2/11/2010 and I had it for less than a year. Mind you the warranty is for two years. I was flying my airplane and the motor stop in mid air. When I brought the plane down and it was not an easy task. When I checked the motor I noticied that the motor was lock. I took it apart to look at it and it had a busted rod. Since it was still in warranty I submitted it to Hobby Services. Hobby Services call me and told me that the busted rod was not cover under warranty. Indeed I explain in the letter submitted with the motor to get repaired that I lost a prop in the air and as a result the motor stop and I got a laim excused that I lost my prop in mid air I had over rev the motor and as a result the rod broke. I had good expectations from OS warranty but now I am very dissappointed with their services and the guality of their motor warranty.

  2. Not sure I agree that losing the prop in mid-flight and subsequent conrod failure should automatically be covered by warranty. I guess it depends on the servicepartner you apply to, how they interpret it.

    Next time, don’t tell them you lost the prop…

  3. Did you hear the engine noise after “losing the prop”? If not, it is more logical that the busted rod seized the engine, then the momentum of the prop swing itself of the engine.

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