September 25, 2023

Saphir practice

While I’m repairing and working on the 2-meters the trusty Saphir is a nice practice plane for the Nordic 09 schedule.  I had five flights yesterday, one being cut short by a low battery warning on my transmitter. I nearly soiled myself as the saying goes, when the beeper beeped and landed as hastily as is possible with a retract plane. The 9,6 volt pack accepted 986 mAh of current (it’s total capacity is 3.0 Ah).  

I found out the Hanno engine does two nordic schedules easily on a full tank. That would save the retracts, reducing landings by 50%…

I also got three things on my todo-list:

– Remember to add the 8mm spacer when changing spinner
– Do not use plastic links on retracts
– Don’t forget cowling screws @ home 

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