Monthly Archives: January 2009

Mini Scalar motor run

I’ve test-run the Kora motor on the workbench. Because this is very dangerous to do, please observe the following method which I’ve found to be quite safe: 1. Make sure prop and motor is firmly in place with motor, ESC and receiver connectors checked. 2. Read instructions, ignoring the warning about throttle channel reversing. After […]

Aeronaut cam-prop

The new prop for the Mini-Scalar has arrived. It’s a 14×10 Aeronaut Cam-prop. I’ve tried a small version of this on a glider setup once but not the complete package with spinner and all so I was curious to see how German it all turned out to be. The answer of course, is: Very. It’s […]

Backup battery FAIL

The idiot does it again. Although the battery change worked (I bought two just in case) I had a little accident. The battery blew up in my face during soldering so I had to spend a couple of minutes picking plastic bits from my left eye. All the while my safety goggles were hanging from […]

Backup battery change

This radio was a christmas present given to me by my parents in 1991 and has seen extensive use. After being replaced by the MC-22 it has served as a backup radio. I planned to start using it again as an easy to carry indoor and small electrics radio when I noticed that the backup […]

Wooden transmitter tray

I fell for this very simple plywood transmitter tray from Berger Modellbau. The tray is cheap, easy to assemble and very useable. I got one for my dad’s Graupner MX-12 too. I Don’t know if I’ll use it since I am satisfied with the Graupner original but the construction is clever and I’ll make a […]