Monthly Archives: February 2009

Mini Scalar update

The tail is done, all hinges in place and everything seems to line up pretty good. The plugin assembly is all home made and sadly it also looks that way. Nylon screws hold the wing so that the model should be easy to assemble at the field. I have also completed the servo installation in […]

Mini Scalar elevator pushrod

The elevator pushrod is made from carbon rod (5mm hollow) with 2mm solid split ends. The assembly uses the extended pushrod technique that I successfully employed on my Saphir, where the pushrod end extends into a former in the back of the fuselage just under the stab. Very rigid and there’s no need for supports […]

Graupner MC-32

Wow! The N├╝rnberg spielwarenmesse starts today and as always Graupner releases their news catalog. Download it here Updated: Here’s a video from Airmix where they show some menu screens from the MX-24S and fondle the prototype. Almost one year later, the radio is still not available. It makes you wonder, as the next Nuremberg toy […]

Blinky balancer

I came across this tiny balancer at the smallsize hobbystore in Oslo today. I’m a sucker for simple gadgets and this tiny thing was irresistable. It balances – and blinks – and is therefore called the Astroflight blinky balancer. Clever huh. But it seems to do the job fine: it balances, and blinks. Up to […]

Mini Scalar wing fitting

It’s starting to look more and more like a plane now. Fitting wings without ANY guidance or markings whatsoever is a bastard job and one that makes me wonder why this fuse was moulded without holes for the wing tube or any other markings. I have an incidence meter but before we get to that, […]