Monthly Archives: March 2009

Aeronaut Rocky

Something for those dead calm summer evenings. I’ll power it with a Mega motor and kontronik PIX1000 I have lying around, and something like 2S 800-1000 LiPo. Incredible lightness, perfectly constructed. Pictures will be added to Flickr.

Mini Scalar covering

Getting closer! Last nights work saw the final piece of film come in place. I’ve also hooked up all the servos with their respective linkages and surfaces and glued all hinges. Now it’s just radio-setup, bellypan and canopy to go. More pictures on Flickr

Mini Scalar finish

I’m in the process of covering the flying surfaces and painting the fuse. To see how I create checkerboards like these, see the images on Flickr. I use post-it note cutouts to test the size and shape, then I cut a plywood template before stapling pieces of covering film in layers on the workbench and […]