Monthly Archives: June 2009

Løten Cup 2009

A fantastic weekend at this years Løten cup. We had the best weather ever, and it was really hot. Sadly two pilots lost their planes but both pilots are motivated to fly again and get new projects into the air. I flew the red Laser and it performed very well but a lot of practice […]

Mini Scalar first flight

I finally got to fly the Mini Scalar that I spent the winter assembling and painting. The plane flew surprisingly well, requiring just two clicks of aileron trim. Surprising is putting it mildly, since I had to set up all incidences myself, my first time ever doing so. Nothing beats beginners luck. The plane is […]

Blue Laser ready

The second Laser is ready to fly. I’m not sure about the weight but it should be lighter than it’s red sibling. Here’s the list of goodies: – OS 2.0 FS w/ Perry pump – Hatori header and pipe – Emcotec DPSI-mini RV dual magnetic switch w/regulator – 2x Kokam 800Mah LiPo – Graupner SMC-16 […]