December 9, 2023

Mini Scalar elevator pushrod

The elevator pushrod is made from carbon rod (5mm hollow) with 2mm solid split ends. The assembly uses the extended pushrod technique that I successfully employed on my Saphir, where the pushrod end extends into a former in the back of the fuselage just under the stab. Very rigid and there’s no need for supports along the inside of the fuselage. This was surprisingly quick and easy to make but it requires access to the rear fuse through the stab slot so it’s not easy with ARF’s.

2 thoughts on “Mini Scalar elevator pushrod

  1. Nice job Jon, and thanks for the very useful tip! I never liked those pushrods where you don’t have a rigid link between the two elevator halves!
    Also, nice touch with the balsa block..
    Looking forward to seeing the model live soon.
    Audun Thinn

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