December 9, 2023

Season starts: Pattern practice

Ex-Chairman and organizing virtuoso Audun Thinn hosts a weekend of pattern practice every year where anyone can join in and get tips from professional pilots. This year we had decent weather and a great turnout. For the last two years we have been fortunate to have Norwegian Champion Ola Fremming and experienced pilots like Lars Semb teach us some tricks and evaluate our flying. As it turns out, setting up the model is a key element that is not fully appreciated. The most common problem we see at these events is having far too much throw on the controls, elevator in particular. Smooth flying requires a very mild setup. For the seasoned pilots, it’s the details that get commented by the pros: Seal the hinge gaps, make all controls completely slop free, incorrect prop, too lean etc. All advice from the pros are greatly appreciated.

As is plain for all to see in the above picture, the Laser performed well but not without incident. In the first flight the tuned pipe fell off the coupler and had to be re-installed. No biggie but it goes to show what vibrations can do to your airframe if everything is not bolted down tight.

Henning Jordkjends beautiful Addiction landing

On the second flight everything was going grand and then POW – the glow plug came out in flight. There’s a first time for everything I guess. I miscalculated the wind and landed short, busting the undercarriage again. It’s no problem to fix but as of right now my only plane actually ready to fly is (again!) the old Saphir. It goes to show that having reserve models that are actually ready and not semi-finished is vital! First contest is only three weeks away so I better get to work.

See pictures from todays flying on Flickr

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