Monthly Archives: January 2010

Futaba T8 FGA 2.4 ghz

With the switch to YS CDi, I needed to get into 2.4 ghz systems in a hurry to be safe from radio interference with the new ignition system. My trusty old MC-22 is possible to convert, but considering the price tag, the Futaba T8 FGA was simply irresistable. I could get a brand new radio […]

Retro video: Jarlsberg Cup 2005

Here’s a short sequence showing some of the planes of the day. In 2005 I still flew the Calypso in the Nordic schedule. In the video you can see an Impulse, Temptation, Synergy 50 and many more.

Retro video: Giles 202 (2005)

Here’s Kjell Tore Pettersen flying his trusty old Giles 202 during the 2005 Jarlsberg cup contenst. (Sorry I did not film the entire sequence). The plane is most likely built from Gator R/C plans which were popular in the early 00’s. The Giles is pretty big and is equipped with retracts and an O.S. 1.40 […]

Retro F3A – 2005!

Here’s video of the 2005 Jarlsberg Cup, which is close to five years ago at the time of posting. That’s almost retro compared to today. Nobody was flying electric, OS 140 RX was the norm and the really spectacular equipment of the day were digital servos, Jaccio regulators and the mighty YS 140 DZ “Dingo” […]

Integral CDi conversion

The Integral is finally ready. The YS 170 is converted to CDi and as soon as the weather is warmer I will run and tune the engine so it’s ready for the next season of P-11. I’m now using Futaba FASST 2.4 GHz to avoid ignition noise so hopefully I’m immune to radio interference. Ignition […]