September 21, 2023

Vingtor Cup 2010

24 pilots came to do battle in the second Norwegian cup contest of the 2010 season. With the unexpected high turnout we could only manage three rounds for all three classes (F3A, Nordic 09 and Sport 07) but we had a great contest with sunny warm weather and a great social event on saturday.

Particularly positive was the fact that we had a lot of debutants this year, in all classes. In Nordic and sport in particular, many were either first timers in contests or had advanced from last year. Former Vingtor boss Audun Thinn has done a great job coaching juniors for many years and his protege Kristoffer Rosmo from Vingtor flew convincingly and came third in Sport.

It was my first ever contest in the F3A class and I came in 13 place (out of 14), barely managing to hold a fellow F3A debutant behind me on the scoreboard but hey – I’m flying F3A in contests! To be able to say that means I have finally reached the goal I set for myself more than 20 years ago. How about that. Fear not though, if you are a rookie, don’t fly at home like I did all those years. Come to a contest to see how it’s done and you could be in F3A in just a couple of years.

Here are pictures from the event and a small video I’ve stitched together.

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