December 9, 2023

Sun Fli 4 ready

2017-08-27 16.52.02

It’s done! Let’s hope it flies the way it looks. It’s brush painted enamel paint finish over silk tissue and dope, and the colors match my T-shirt from Venice Beach California! The idea is that it is classic looking with all-new modern technology. It has an O.S engines .65 AX engine, Futaba S-bus servos and Fasst 2.4 GHz control, and Powerbox iGyro 3e.

2017-08-27 16.45.40

Complete set of pictures is here, and the build is described in this post.

1 thought on “Sun Fli 4 ready

  1. Hi Jon
    I was looking through your list of plans and was wondering if it was possible to obtain a copy of the MK Skymaster 60.
    Obviously happy to pay all costs involved.
    BTW the Sun Fli looks great
    Australia 3136

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