September 27, 2021


I had a spare wing kit for a Yoshioka Bingo.F3A lying around, and I thought it might be useful to have a spare wing. Once I started building it I realized how fun it would be to have another complete Bingo!

And whaddaya know, once I build it, I will. It’s just a box fuselage after all. I’ll call it “Bingo.EVO” because it will be quite different from the original. Much wood for a fuselage has gathered in my workshop, so watch this space.

So here’s the wing and ailerons. A very challenging and fun build so far.

Update – December 2019

Wings are done (bottom pictures) and ready for final sanding. Very light, and I’m quite happy how they turned out. Stabs are next, and I’m re-using the ones from the Laser that crashed in 2010. During this project I’ve decided to not spend any money on this plane. That’s obviously not really possible but I will try to use the stuff I already have lying around. The fuse will be built from spare wood and I’ll attempt to use a Scorpion electric helicopter motor and a Castle 120A ESC. The only things I will buy is some more balsa sheets for the fuse, covering material, some Sab Goblin 500 belt drive parts to gear the motor and three servos.