September 27, 2021


I’ve flown helicopters a lot over the past couple of years, and even competed in beginner classes. Helicopters are fun and engaging and I have collected a few, both nitro and electric. All my current helicopters are Thunder Tiger Raptors, E700, R50SE, R90 G4 and a pair of X50s. I had a lot of fun with a JR Vibe 50 and and Align TRex 450 but both have been sold.

Here are some pictures.

The Raptor G4 is a bit of a mechanical bastard with almost all new parts collected from all over the web where I can still find them. I think the only parts that have not been replaced by me are some servo mounts and linkage parts. It has crashed at least 6 times for many different reasons, and two crashes required full rebuilds. The engine is a Thunder Tiger Redline 100. I have destroyed three different mufflers in crashes, including the now impossible to find Redline original pipe. My G4 now flies with a Hatori pipe designed for the O.S 105 engine, which the Redline engine seems to like very much.