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Supra Fly 25 resurrection

I built an old Supra Fly 25 from the OK model kit in 2002, flew it with an O.S 40 LA, and stored it away when the engine was sold. I came upon a new-in-box O.S 32 SX engine in the summer of 2013, and I put two and two together, literally. What a match! […]

Curare update

The 2013 contest winning Curare ARF was badly treated. In order to win, I practiced intensely two days before the contest and ignored signs of worn bearings. The engine quit and I landed nose first into tall grass. Broken header, bad bearings, broken nose gear. With no time to spare I managed to patch the […]

Curare wins F3A retro contest

The Curare Trio: Me on the left with my Schweighofer Curare ARF (glow), Ingmar Svensson (middle, third place) with his scratchbuilt Curare, and Ola Maltesson on the right (5th place) with his new Schweighofer electric Curare. The Swedish/Norwegian border cup is back, and our Swedish neighbours hosted a three day F3A event at Lilla AnrĂ„s […]

Hanno Prettner Curare ARF part 4

The finished plane, ready for its maiden flight. Here is a video showing the operation of the electric undercarriage: And here is a video of the radio compartment: The Curare must be set up properly, and that means programming the different flight modes and mixes. On my Futaba 12FG, setup is easy and the brakes, […]

Hanno Prettner Curare ARF part 3

The final part of the build is the engine and pipe setup. This is usually time consuming with a lot of alignment, but I found that not to be the case here. One evening, and you’re done! The firewall and tank area is 100 % ready from the factory, fully fuelproofed. Even the blind nuts […]

Hanno Prettner Curare Part 2

This is part 2 of a field and bench review. In part 1, we installed the main gear, ailerons, and joined the wing halves. When the wing halves are joined, we move on to the flaps. The instructions are different for electric and glow power – for electric power, the flap servo is to be […]

Hanno Prettner Curare ARF

Photo by Karlheinz Gatschnig, www. I am doing a review of the new Hanno Prettner Curare ARF for our magazine, and since that magazine is in Norwegian, I’ll also post it here for a broader audience. The Model is produced by Modellsport Schweighofer in Austria. (It’s made in China exclusively for Schweighofer from their specifications). […]

Elexant ready

Ready for it’s first flight. It’s been a fun experience assembling the model, the quality of the “kit” and the instructions were really good. Now let’s see how it flies! As usual: More pictures here

Elexant build log

The Elexant is almost finished, just waiting for the proper servos to arrive. The assembly has been largely unspectacular – the Plettenberg Advance motor is like made for it, and with so much of the plane finished from the factory it’s the easiest plane I’ve ever assembled, and by far the best quality. The only […]

New Model – Elexant

I’ve sold the Integral, and decided to try something new – a full composite model. The MTL-series from Modelltechnik Lorenz is available as ready to paint, or ARF, in a variety of colors, built by Jaroslav Mach (JM Composite) in the Czech Republic. There is also a range of white fuse and wood kit wings […]