September 27, 2021

My planes

Here’s a list of the planes I’ve owned over the years. The list contains every R/C plane and helicopter I have ever owned, and even some abandoned builds. “Retired” means it’s in storage, well worn, and that it is likely I’ll never fly it again.

Some are kits still in box. The reason I do not separate the list into planes flown and kits owned is that I don’t collect kits just to own the box, the goal is to build and fly the thing. Eventually.

PlaneTypeManufacturerEngineCurrent state
Bingo.EVOF3AYoshioka/SelfTBA1 % complete….
Tiger 2 #3Low wing sport kitGoldbergTBAIn box
Raptor E700700 HelicopterThunder TigerScorpionFlying
PitLow wing sportVörster modelTBA50 % complete
E300 MD450 HelicopterThunder TigerElectricMaintainance
X50 Nitro 1600 HelicopterThunder TigerTT Redline 53RIP
X50 Nitro 2600 HelicopterThunder TigerTT Redline 53Flying
Combo 25LLow wing sportOK ModelTBAIn Box
Akromaster 20Low wing semscaleOK ModelTBAIn Box
Killer Kaos 3 or 4?Retro patternBridi/BluejayTBAIn Box
Eagle 40Mid wing sportThunder TigerTBA50 % complete
Raptor G4 nitro700 HelicopterThunder TigerTT 100 RedlineFlying
MK Thunderbird 40Retro PatternMKTBAIn box
Super Kaos 60Retro PatternGreat PlanesO.S .61 FSRFlying
Tower Kaos 60Retro Pattern ARFTower HobbiesO.S .65 AXSOLD
Killer Kaos ReloadedRetro patternBridi/Scratch builtO.S .61 SF/Hatoribuilding
Tiger 3 TigerFliARF/RestomodPhoenix RCS.T G-51/HatoriSOLD
FungliderMotor glider ARFMultiplexElectricSOLD
Killer Kaos RestomodClassic patternJoe Bridi/kitO.S .61 SFRIP
Curare 20Mini F3AMKElectric!40 % complete
Vibe 50 FBL600 nitro HeliJRO.S .55 HZ-RSOLD
Gangster 63 liteLow wing sportMick ReevesTBAIn box
Blue Angel 25F3A miniMK KatoTBAIn box
Raptor E-550s ARF550 HelicopterThunder TigerStock TT electricSOLD
Bingo.F3AF3A 2 meterYoshiokaPlettenbergFlying
Laser 200 48′3D/funExtreme FlightOS motor (3S LiPo)SOLD
CurareRetro F3ASchweighoferOS 55 AXFlying
ThunderbirdRetro F3AModeltech ARC TBANIB
Elektro Junior SEPP gliderGraupnerBrushlessSOLD
Edge 540Indoor DepronRC FactoryDualskyRIP
T-rex 450 SEFlybar heliAlignBrushedSOLD
UltraMicro SpitfirePark/IndoorBlade/HorizonBrushedSOLD
Blade NanoHeliBlade/HorizonBrushlessSOLD
Blade 300 XHeliBlade/HorizonBrushlessSOLD
ElexantF3AARFPlettenberg AdvanceSOLD
Tiger 2 reloadedSportScratchO.S. 50 SXSOLD
XigrisF3AZN line kitPlettenberg/KontronikRetired
Mini ScalarF3A sportPAFKontronik 20R.I.P.
Osmose 50F3A sportKyoshoKontronik 20SOLD
IntegralF3AZN line kitYS 170 CDI Pletti 30-10SOLD
Mace 2,5mElectric gliderOK model3S lipoSOLD
Ultra Sport 60Pattern trainerGreat Planes60-90 glowIn box
RockyMotorgliderAeronautMega somethingSOLD
Edge 540Sport scale AcroKyoshoO.S .91 FSSOLD
Laser IIF3ALorenzO.S 2.0 FS YS 170R.I.P.
MK Akromaster1.20 class F3A “scale”MKY.S 110 FZ40% complete
BluebirdSilly airplaneSelfMega MotorCancelled
Supra Star 25F3A trainerEZO.S .46 LASOLD
Mini LeaderF3A trainerNew Power ModelismeHacker A20L, 3s 1,5ahSOLD
Aladdin Hyper 45 LF3A trainerYoshiokaYS 63Flying
Kosmo 3Retro F3AMantua model.61In Box
King KobraRetro F3ASig60In Box
Yak 55FoamieFree-Air CZMega, 3xlipoRetired
Laser (red)F3ALorenzO.S 1.60 FXSOLD
Saphir IIF3AModeltechO.S .61 RFP Hanno SpecialFlying
Supra Fly 45F3AEZO.S .61 RFP Hanno SpecialR.I.P.
Eagle 15HTrainerThunder TigerO.S .15 FP10% complete
Dalotel 150F3ARöga ModelSuper Tigre X-61K50% complete
Skystar 90F3AMKWebra 80 w/pipeRestoration needed
Sensation 1400F3AKyoshoSuper Tigre G-51Less R/C & engine
Supra Fly 25F3AOK modelO.S 32 SX/HatoriFlying
Calypso 60F3AModelTechO.S 61 FX w/pipeSOLD
HK-4F3AHarry KolbergSuper Tigre S-90KSOLD
Pete ‘N’ PokeSportGreat PlanesNoneSOLD
Killer Kaos OLDF3AJoe BridiS.C 61 ABCSOLD
Cap 232SportscaleKyoshoSuper Tigre S-45KSOLD
Silver Bullet IIHigh wingSelfS.C 25 ABCR.I.P
Silver BulletHigh wingSelfS.C 25 ABCR.I.P
“Small low wing”SportSelfS.C 25 ABCRetired
G-manF3AMick ReevesSC 91 ABCR.I.P
Tiger 2SportGoldbergSuper Tigre S-45KR.I.P
Super LightningF3AFlairO.S 91 SurpassR.I.P
Piper CubSportscaleGoldbergO.S 91 SurpassR.I.P
SunfishTail-lessMarutakaSuper Tigre G-34Retired
Outlaw 45ShoulderwingSelfSuper Tigre S-45K OS 32 SXRestored, then retired
Ultra SportSportGreat PlanesO.S. .91 SurpassR.I.P
Gentle LadyGliderGoldbergGliderR.I.P
Unknown 2-meterGliderUnknownGliderCancelled
UnknownGliderAdrian BrittonGliderR.I.P
QB 1400GliderOK modelGliderSOLD
Decathlon 40SportscaleEZSuper Tigre S-45KSOLD
Prelude 10TrainerKyoshoO.S 10 FP/O.S. 15 FPR.I.P
P-51 D MustangDogfighterUnknownO.S 15 FPRetired

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