My planes

Here’s a list of the planes I’ve owned over the years. Click on the plane names for pictures and background stories.

Plane Type Manufacturer Engine Current state
Raptor G4 nitro Kit Thunder Tiger TT 100 Redline Flying
MK Thunderbird 40 Kit MK TBA In box
Super Kaos 60 Kit Great Planes O.S .61 FSR In box
Tower Kaos 60 Retro ARF Tower Hobbies O.S .65 AX Flying
Killer Kaos Reloaded Scratch Bridi/Self O.S .61 SF/Hatori building
Tiger 3 TigerFli ARF/Restomod Phoenix RC S.T G-51/Hatori Flying
Funglider RTF Multiplex Electric Flying
Killer Kaos
Classic pattern Joe Bridi O.S .61 SF RIP
Curare 20 Mini F3A MK Electric! 40 % complete
Vibe 50 FBL 600 class Heli JR O.S .55 HZ-R Flying
Gangster 63 lite Low wing trainer Mick Reeves TBA In box
Blue Angel 25 F3A mini MK Kato TBA In box
Raptor E-550s ARF Heli Thunder Tiger Stock TT electric SOLD
Bingo.F3A F3A Yoshioka Plettenberg Flying
Laser 200 48′ 3D/fun Extreme Flight OS motor (3S LiPo) SOLD
Curare Retro F3A Schweighofer OS 55 AX Flying
Thunderbird Retro F3A Modeltech ARC  TBA NIB
Elektro Junior S EPP glider Graupner Brushless SOLD
Edge 540 Indoor Depron RC Factory Dualsky RIP
T-rex 450 SE Flybar heli Align Brushed SOLD
UltraMicro Spitfire Park/Indoor Blade/Horizon Brushed SOLD
Blade Nano Heli Blade/Horizon Brushless SOLD
Blade 300 X Heli Blade/Horizon Brushless SOLD
Elexant F3A ARF Plettenberg Advance SOLD
Tiger 2 reloaded Sport Scratch O.S. 50 SX Flying
Xigris F3A ZN line kit Plettenberg/Kontronik Retired
Mini Scalar F3A sport PAF Kontronik 20 R.I.P.
Osmose 50 F3A sport Kyosho Kontronik 20 SOLD
Integral F3A ZN line kit YS 170 CDI Pletti 30-10 SOLD
Mace 2,5m Electric glider OK model 3S lipo SOLD
Ultra Sport 60 Pattern trainer Great Planes 60-90 glow In box
Rocky Motorglider Aeronaut Mega something SOLD
Edge 540 Sport scale Acro Kyosho O.S .91 FS SOLD
Laser II F3A Lorenz O.S 2.0 FS YS 170 R.I.P.
MK Akromaster 1.20 class F3A “scale” MK Y.S 110 FZ 40% complete
Bluebird Silly airplane Self Mega Motor Cancelled
Supra Star 25 F3A trainer EZ O.S .46 LA SOLD
Mini Leader F3A trainer New Power Modelisme Hacker A20L, 3s 1,5ah SOLD
Aladdin Hyper 45 L F3A trainer Yoshioka YS 63 Flying
Kosmo 3 Retro F3A Mantua model .61 In Box
King Kobra Retro F3A Sig 60 In Box
Yak 55 Foamie Free-Air CZ Mega, 3xlipo Retired
Laser (red) F3A Lorenz O.S 1.60 FX SOLD
Saphir II F3A Modeltech O.S .61 RFP Hanno Special Flying
Supra Fly 45 F3A EZ O.S .61 RFP Hanno Special R.I.P.
Eagle 15H Trainer Thunder Tiger O.S .15 FP 10% complete
Dalotel 150 F3A Röga Model Super Tigre X-61K 50% complete
Skystar 90 F3A MK Webra 80 w/pipe Restoration needed
Sensation 1400 F3A Kyosho Super Tigre G-51 Less R/C & engine
Supra Fly 25 F3A OK model O.S 32 SX/Hatori Flying
Calypso 60 F3A ModelTech O.S 61 FX w/pipe SOLD
HK-4 F3A Harry Kolberg Super Tigre S-90K SOLD
Pete ‘N’ Poke Sport Great Planes None SOLD
Killer Kaos OLD F3A Joe Bridi S.C 61 ABC SOLD
Cap 232 Sportscale Kyosho Super Tigre S-45K SOLD
Silver Bullet II High wing Self S.C 25 ABC R.I.P
Silver Bullet High wing Self S.C 25 ABC R.I.P
“Small low wing” Sport Self S.C 25 ABC Retired
G-man F3A Mick Reeves SC 91 ABC R.I.P
Tiger 2 Sport Goldberg Super Tigre S-45K R.I.P
Super Lightning F3A Flair O.S 91 Surpass R.I.P
Piper Cub Sportscale Goldberg O.S 91 Surpass R.I.P
Sunfish Tail-less Marutaka Super Tigre G-34 Retired
Outlaw 45 Shoulderwing Self Super Tigre S-45K OS 32 SX Restored, then retired
Ultra Sport Sport Great Planes O.S. .91 Surpass R.I.P
Gentle Lady Glider Goldberg Glider R.I.P
Aries Glider Drawing/Scratch Glider R.I.P
Unknown 2-meter Glider Unknown Glider Cancelled
Unknown Glider Adrian Britton Glider R.I.P
QB 1400 Glider OK model Glider SOLD
Decathlon 40 Sportscale EZ Super Tigre S-45K SOLD
Prelude 10 Trainer Kyosho O.S 10 FP/O.S. 15 FP R.I.P
P-51 D Mustang Dogfighter Unknown O.S 15 FP Retired

The list is complete and contains every R/C plane I have ever owned and even some abandoned builds. Some are kits still in box. The reason I do not separate the list into planes flown and kits owned is that I don’t collect kits -I just have a bigger backlog of planes waiting to be built than most.

It’s scary to see how many have crashed. Most were lost to pilot error, some to bad batteries and some, like the Super Lightning, was never meant to last -it crashed twice.

Once in a while I sell planes. It’s only in recent years that I’ve done that. Planes used to have a habit of crashing before I tired of them. Not so much these days, with a few notable exceptions.