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Bluebird build

Bluebird build, originally uploaded by aerowold.

5 more minutes of build time produced this… And yes, it’s triangular! Why shouldn’t it be?

Project bluebird revealed…

The first part of the structure is coming together

The original drawing, pencilled directly onto the building board, scale 1/10

New battery and servos for Mini Leader

DSCN2577, originally uploaded by aerowold.

The new 1,5ah Flight Power battery and two new C261 servos for the elevator and rudder. The servos are amazingly small AND you can fit standard servo horns. The old waypoint-like servos are really disgusting and will be used in the Bluebird project.

The battery has a different connector than the Graupner/Kokam cells do for the balancer so a crossover was made using a multiplex connector. It’s ridiculous that we can’t have a standard for balancer connectors since it’s a very important safety feature.

Happy new year and all that

My new year resolution for 2007 surprises even me. I looked around the workshop for something to dig into and it suddenly became very clear to me that I have too much stuff lying around that I’ll never use for F3A.

So, my new year resolution for 2007 is: Build something flyable out of the stuff lying around!

It’s mostly balsa sheet and control linkage parts, plus a small Mega motor, a small LiPo battery pack and some odd colored rolls of monokote. Until I can think of a better name the project is codenamed “Bluebird”. Stay tuned…