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Retro video: Jarlsberg Cup 2005

Here’s a short sequence showing some of the planes of the day. In 2005 I still flew the Calypso in the Nordic schedule. In the video you can see an Impulse, Temptation, Synergy 50 and many more.

OS 61 FX nostalgia

I sold the F3A Calypso and I had to run the engine just one last time. Freshly overhauled and with new bearings, it runs like nothing else matters. Beautiful. Love O.S.!
PS – I know I’m an idiot for holding the camera crooked AND holding the camera in the propwash at full throttle…

Calypso build thread on RC Universe

Rajoo from Singapore is building one of the finest ARC kits of all time, the Modeltech Calypso. Follow the build of Hanno Prettners classic on RC universe

Calypso and Sky Star 90 pictures

More photos added to Flickr, there’s a big batch of build pictures from the MK Sky Star 90 with comments and a series of images of the Hanno Prettner designed ModelTech Calypso.

My Planes: Calypso rebuild

The undercarriage proved to be very weak so I re-opened the mounts in the wing and installed fixed piano wire gear. This has been very successful.
A pipe and header was also installed and gave the plane the performance it needed. It now has almost unlimited vertical performance and the engine never quits even in extreme G conditions.

My planes: Hanno Prettner Calypso

I’m gradually converting the old content from my old website.
First in line is the Hanno Prettner Calypso made by ModelTech:

Hanno got it right. This is the mother of all current pattern ships, originally laughed at as being a trainer, Hanno Prettner won the 1983 Championships in Pensacola Florida with this “trainer” using a Super Tigre engine and flying procedure turns when everyone else was doing cuban 8’s.
The Calypso is one of my best flying planes ever. It can fly rock steady in extreme winds and it locks on to a heading in a way that appeals to my flying style. It must be flown fast and smooth and it does so mostly on it’s own, I just tell it where to go and it does so in style. My best scores to date has been achieved flying this beauty.

Completed in winter 2002 and lovingly cared for ever since. Rebuilt undercarriage and fitted with pipe in 2003. Currently undergoing a bearing change. The engine committed suicide when shedding prop, spinner, propnut, driver washer AND front bearing in flight!

More pictures will be added to Flickr shortly

Engine: O.S 61 FX – non pumped!
Header: Just Engines
Pipe Just Engines Purple Pipe (Hatori 650 repclia)
Servos Standard Hitec and Graupner Servos, HS300, HS422 and some other very old servos that really need a break…
Finish Monokote
Wings Foam/balsa
Fuselage balsa and ply
U/C Fixed, piano wire
Weight 3500+ grams
Wingspan 170
Prop APC 12×10