Topic: Charger

Electrics you say?

I may fly glow engines but when I’m in the workshop all I ever do is charge things! Not visible in the photo is the Laser being charged by a Schulze Lipo card. I’m also charging my DeWalt drill all the time too. I say, I’m as electric as the next man!

New charger

I am now the proud owner of a Schulze LiPo Card 2 field charger. It can charge one lipo pack at a time, up to 4 cells and 3850 mAh charging current. The beooootiful thing is that is has a built in balancer and auto-detects cell and battery type when balancer is connected. Very nice gadget to carry in the field box now that LiPos are used for receiver batteries in many of my models. 

And the best thing is, it can run off anything from a 13,8 volt PSU or car battery to a 3-cell lipo battery using the low-voltage setting.

schulze’s next generation charger

Hot on the heels of the new Robbe Power Peak III charger follows Shulze Elektronik’s “Next generation” charger and promises according to Schulze to become the leading charging device against which all others are measured. Looking at the specifications which are impressive enough, they might be right but it also incorporates a built-in balancer for LiPo batteries up to 8 in series. The unit can be connected to a PC to access free language installations and software upgrades from Schulze.

I want one. Not that I need it but it’s just so cool don’t you think? And probably massively expensive too.

For more info go to Schulze Elektronik

Equipment I use

Radio: Graupner MC-22

The Graupner MC-22 is a fantastic radio! Notice the three-way stick-switch which is an add-on that enables you to switch flight modes without taking your hand off the stick. I use this to toggle full rudder throw on the way up during stall turns, and to switch all rates to high before entering spins.

Large display – in German which I understand fine.

Tray, strap and case

Starter: Kavan planetary geared starter

Very powerful and compact. I have two battery packs, one 12v Sanyo 1,8 Ah NiCd and one GP 14,4 volt 2,0 Ah pack which is lighter, smaller and remarkably powerful

Charger: Graupner Ultra Duo Plus 30

Up to 7 amps on a 30 cell NiCd pack and up to 10S Lipo. I can’t imagine what else I’ll need so this baby will stay with me a long time.

Glow driver: Home-made

I built a box around a switch, an Ammeter and a single NiCd sub C cell.Very basic but much more useful than a standard glow clip.