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Løten Cup 2009

Fooling around with windows movie maker and windows sample music. Fun. pictures are from this summers Løten Cup, flying F3A, Nordic and a schedule we call Sport-07

2009 nationals video

A great video by Audun Thinn from this years Norwegian F3A nationals. Vingtor R/C Club hosted the event and the contest boasted three days of perfect flying weather at Hvam, northeast of Oslo. A larger size video can be seen on Youtube.

Løten Cup 2009

Løten Cup
A fantastic weekend at this years Løten cup. We had the best weather ever, and it was really hot. Sadly two pilots lost their planes but both pilots are motivated to fly again and get new projects into the air. I flew the red Laser and it performed very well but a lot of practice is required to be able to stay out of the bottom half of the scoreboard. See pictures from the event here

Nordic N-09 at Kråkstad

One seriously perfect contest day at Vingtors field at Kråkstad, may 30 2009. We flew Nordic N-09 and Sport-07 which is our current entry-level schedule. Henning Jordkjend Organized the event and everything went really smoothly and we finished ahead schedule. Apart from Tore Jemtegaard having problems taking off in the tall grass there was not a single incident. I came in 6th out of 8 pilots in Nordic which I’m very satisfied with, considering I have not practiced at all this year. The Laser performed well during all three rounds but I realize it needs a little more power. Pipe tuning is next, after I have finished it’s evil twin, the Blue OS 200FS powered Laser. Ola Fremming won the event, flying with a 0.85 point handicap.
See pictures from the event on Flickr.

2008 Vingtor champs

The annual Vingtor R/C club championships were held at Kråkstad saturday, september 20.The winner was Guttorm Dahl with his Ys .63 powered Hirobo Astral X.
Nordic-pilots flew with a 0.85 handicap, Sport-07 pilots flew with 0.9 handicap. Nice weather all day with a little wind and clouds that disappeared to give way for nice autumn sunshine. No accidents, and 10 contestants including two very eager junior pilots. Great day, thanks to organizer Børge and judges Audun and Ørjan.
Pictures of planes and people here

Løten Cup revisited

Ola Fremming reports from Løten. See pictures and complete result list.

That’s me with the red Laser in the middle of the crowd.

The contest scene

Midway through the season, gearing up for the European championships and getting the national teams together for next years World Champs:

US Nationals:
1. Jason Shulman
2. Andrew Jesky
3. Brett Wickizer

Quiqe Somenzini will be allowed to compete as defending champion in the next WC.

TDC F3A 2008, Romilly/France:
1. Gerhard Mayr AUT
2. Stephane Carrier FRA
3. Philippe Marquet BEL

35. Internationales Freundschaftsfliegen, Reichenburg/Switzerland
1. Wolfgang Matt LIE
2. Patrick Drack SUI
3. Marc Rubin SUI

43. Int. Freundschaftsfliegen, Liechtenstein
1. Roland Matt LIE
2. Gerhard Mayr AUT
3. Wolfgang Matt LIE

Ratisbona Acro Cup 2008, Regensburg/Germany
1. Roland Matt LIE
2. Gerhard Mayr AUT
3. Markus Wissinger GER

Løten Cup

I came last in the Nordic class, which was no surprise since I have not practiced. But valuable lessons were learned, competing is the one thing that will teach you the most about what to improve about your flying and the model you use.
I had a dead-stick on one round and lost a wheel in another. The O.S 1.60 engine needs some more oomph, we had a day of windy conditions and I did not have enough power. I’m gonna try an 18x10PN prop, redo the tank and fuel connections to ensure stable flow and tune it max using a tachometer. And maybe – just maybe – add a Perry pump.
See more pictures at Flickr

Wc 2007 equipment list

Ola Fremming has compiled a list of all the equipment used at the 2007 World Champs in Argentina – engines, radio etc of all the contestants.

Quique wins WC!

Photo by Xavier Almeida, Ecuador

Quique Somenzini (USA) wins first place in the F3A World Championships, followed by Christophe Paysant-LeRoux (FRA) and Tetsuo Onda (JPN)
Sensationally it’s the first ever biplane F3A worlds victory and the world champ is still glow powered! The top three are all flying YS and OS fourstrokes, and believe it or not they have five sets of wings between the three of them. Congratulations QQ! I must eat my words, I had guessed him in 10th place due to the biplane factor in such a windy country but what a spectacular performance he must have put on to beat CPLR, Onda and the rest.