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F3A Vintage Rosentalpokal 2014

Photo by
Photo by  Karlheinz Gatschnig,

The vintage F3A meet Rosentalpokal is flown using models from around 1975, in Carinthia, Austria. Karlheinz Gatschnig was there and took some wonderful photos.
The event was also covered by FMT magazine and in issue 3/2014 (PDF)
Notice the big Dalotel pictured. It is a prototype of an ARF that will be available from Schweighofer. It exactly replicates Hanno Prettners original Tournament of Champions Dalotel.
See all the photos from Karlheinz Gatschnig here

Cool Dalotel

Fellow pilot and master builder Magne Hegstad sent me this picture of his brand new scratchbuilt gaspowered Dalotel.

Hannos big planes part 1

While Hanno is primarily known for his performances in F3A back in the days when .60 engines were the rule, he also flew in the TOC (Tournament of Champions) in Las Vegas, winning everything there was to win for years on end. Attempts to alter the rules to allow others to win failed, he kept coming back with a vengeance. Always the tactician, when they introduced new rules offering bonus points to biplanes he brought a Super Skybolt biplane and was disqualified for mysterious reasons when it became obvious it would be another winning year for Hanno.

The most well known of his TOC entries is the giant Dalotel which was powered by two Super Tigre .90 engines connected together using a self-developed gear mechanism. The plane weighed 15 kilos and had enormous thrust, dwarfing glow-powered competitors and flying circles around the chainsaw powered planes.

A big difference between Hanno and many other successful pilots is that he took showflying very seriously and developed planes and manouvers specifically for that purpose. The big super Tigre powered Calypso led the way for the famous 2,06 meter Supra Fly shown here. With 6,5 kilos weight and a piped ST 3000 for power it was a showstopping monster. The plans are available from in Germany and it can easily be modified to fit todays 2-metre/5kg rule and would be a beauty with an O.S 1.60 in the nose.

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Looking for Hanno Prettner?

I can tell by looking at the stats for this site that a great number of people come here looking for Information about Hanno Prettner, here pictured with his TOC Dalotel. I have a lot of his planes and some of his plans but it’s scattered and not always easy to find it all.

To get an overview of the Hanno Prettner information I have available, follow this link to all posts tagged with Hanno Prettner, and have a look at the pictures on Flickr where I have many pics of the Hanno Prettner models like Calypso, Supra Star etc.

Röga Model Dalotel 150 ARC

Röga Model Dalotel 150 ARC, originally uploaded by aerowold.

Another plane on my shelf:

Again, a Hanno Prettner design. This was very popular in the 80’s when Hanno won the TOC using a huge Dalotel scale model.

The Dalotel is a very interesting scale subject. A friend of mine called it “The best kept secret in IMAC”. The plane has perfect proportions suitable for a scale aerobatic plane and as a model it could be capable of outflying the Extras and Caps so popular today. And If I ever build a scale model for F4C it will be a 2-metre Dalotel with an O.S 1.60. It would be the perfect plane and could even be used for F3A…

I’m currently considering using a 91 fourstroke instead of the rusty old X61. Not likely to fly anytime this year, but someday. I just had to have the kit when I came by it on a Swiss webstore. Can’t get a decent Dalotel anywhere these days…

The X-61is amazingly old. A Christmas present from my dad 13 years ago, I sold it unused to a friend who flew it once. It burned his pipe joint clean off. It’s been in his attic since and I bought it back from him for 900. Same price he paid for it all those years ago.

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