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Blue Laser ready

The second Laser is ready to fly. I’m not sure about the weight but it should be lighter than it’s red sibling.
Here’s the list of goodies:
– OS 2.0 FS w/ Perry pump
– Hatori header and pipe
– Emcotec DPSI-mini RV dual magnetic switch w/regulator
– 2x Kokam 800Mah LiPo
– Graupner SMC-16 Scan SPCM receiver
– Hitec Servos
– Tettra 560ml Crank tank

It balanced perfecly without any adjustments. The spinner from Dave Brown will be substituted for a light backplate tru-turn after the next Central Hobbies order. And on tuesday this week, it flies. Wish me luck.
Pictures are here

Season starts: Pattern practice

Ex-Chairman and organizing virtuoso Audun Thinn hosts a weekend of pattern practice every year where anyone can join in and get tips from professional pilots. This year we had decent weather and a great turnout. For the last two years we have been fortunate to have Norwegian Champion Ola Fremming and experienced pilots like Lars Semb teach us some tricks and evaluate our flying. As it turns out, setting up the model is a key element that is not fully appreciated. The most common problem we see at these events is having far too much throw on the controls, elevator in particular. Smooth flying requires a very mild setup. For the seasoned pilots, it’s the details that get commented by the pros: Seal the hinge gaps, make all controls completely slop free, incorrect prop, too lean etc. All advice from the pros are greatly appreciated.
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Os 55ax Shadow

Look closely- it has two wings

ZN Suxsess

Audun is the proud owner of the only model of this kind in scandinavia. Built by Kjell Tore Pettersen and powered by a YS 1.60

News of the week

  • Two hitech HS-5985 MG have arrived at my door…
  • …and so has a Graupner SMC-16 scan receiver, and fresh from Tower Hobbies…
  • …an O.S 200 FS waiting for me at the post office.
  • Laser 2 (blue) wings pretty much ready.

Details will follow.

PS: Sebart now offers Sukhoi 1.40 and Katana 1.20 for those into that kind of thing. It’s like, uhm… YELLOW, dude.

2007 all Japan F3A contest

Masahiro Furuuchi reports from that place on earth where every plane is a work of art and every one of them is powered by nitro -Japan. Feast your eyes on the pictures he took of the beautiful planes.

Akiba’s Ki-61 F3A flies

The old fox Yoichiro Akiba of the Japanese National F3A team has posted pictures of his new semi-scale F3A version of the famous WWII fighter Ki-61 Hien (Tony). And what an incredible beauty it is.

Mini electric Caprise

R/C Flying Models’s blog has information and drawing for a very nice wooden electric Caprise.

Sebart Angel S 50

Sebastiano Silvestris latest offering from his company Sebart is a scaled down version of his World Championship F3A model Angel S. No details are available yet but put me down for one!

I bet you didn’t know that…

Airplane designer extraordinaire Yoichiro Akiba of the Japanese F3A team is building a YS-powered semi-scale F3A Ki-61 Hien (Swallow)?