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Graupner MC-32

The Nürnberg spielwarenmesse starts today and as always Graupner releases their news catalog. Download it here


Here’s a video from Airmix where they show some menu screens from the MX-24S and fondle the prototype. Almost one year later, the radio is still not available. It makes you wonder, as the next Nuremberg toy fair approaches, will Graupner now show the Mc-32 as a working radio or is it still at the prototype stage? For the suggested price of 1500 EUR it better be rock solid and a vast improvement over the MX-24 IFS which is a lot cheaper and fully equipped with all switches and levers.

Wooden transmitter tray

I fell for this very simple plywood transmitter tray from Berger Modellbau. The tray is cheap, easy to assemble and very useable. I got one for my dad’s Graupner MX-12 too. I Don’t know if I’ll use it since I am satisfied with the Graupner original but the construction is clever and I’ll make a copy and modify it for my old JR X-347 radio which I plan to use for indoor and small electrics.

New fieldbox

A new box! Smaller, lighter but even more room for tools than the previous one. It’s a Graupner “starterbox” # 1691, found in the 2008 news catalog. It has a sort of false bottom where you can put a 12v NiMh battery and lots of stuff you don’t dare to leave behind but never use. 

Laser (blue) specifications

The list of items to go into the Laser is getting pretty complete:

  • Servos
    • Hitec HS-6635HB x2 (Wings)
    • Hitec HS-5985MG x2 (Elevator, Rudder)
    • Hitec HS-475HB (Throttle)
  • Battery
    • Emcotec DPSI mini dual power with magnetic switch
    • Graupner (Kokam) 2S 800mAh LiPo x2
  • Receiver
    • Graupner SMC-16 Scan 7 channel SPCM synth
  • Radio
    • Graupner MC-22

I’m missing tailgear, wheels, tank and spinner. The Elevator will be actuated by an MK dual BB coupler and a carbon pushrod. The rudder will use control-line wire as a pull-pull system. Other bits and pieces like rudder horns and aileron pushrods will be homemade.

Post will be updated with pix and more info.

New battery and servos for Mini Leader

DSCN2577, originally uploaded by aerowold.

The new 1,5ah Flight Power battery and two new C261 servos for the elevator and rudder. The servos are amazingly small AND you can fit standard servo horns. The old waypoint-like servos are really disgusting and will be used in the Bluebird project.

The battery has a different connector than the Graupner/Kokam cells do for the balancer so a crossover was made using a multiplex connector. It’s ridiculous that we can’t have a standard for balancer connectors since it’s a very important safety feature.

Equipment I use

Radio: Graupner MC-22

The Graupner MC-22 is a fantastic radio! Notice the three-way stick-switch which is an add-on that enables you to switch flight modes without taking your hand off the stick. I use this to toggle full rudder throw on the way up during stall turns, and to switch all rates to high before entering spins.

Large display – in German which I understand fine.

Tray, strap and case

Starter: Kavan planetary geared starter

Very powerful and compact. I have two battery packs, one 12v Sanyo 1,8 Ah NiCd and one GP 14,4 volt 2,0 Ah pack which is lighter, smaller and remarkably powerful

Charger: Graupner Ultra Duo Plus 30

Up to 7 amps on a 30 cell NiCd pack and up to 10S Lipo. I can’t imagine what else I’ll need so this baby will stay with me a long time.

Glow driver: Home-made

I built a box around a switch, an Ammeter and a single NiCd sub C cell.Very basic but much more useful than a standard glow clip.