Topic: Kyosho Edge

In the market for a new receiver

I flew yesterday! There’s hope after all…

The red Laser performed well during two test flights and the engine was well behaved. New fuel was probably a good Idea.

I also test flew the new Kyosho Edge. All went well, I had just enough time to think “wow, it’s rock solid and needs no trim whatsoever” and then the plane started leaning to the left, and then some more, and when I reached for the trim lever – BAM – no control. After a series of flick rolls I regained control and managed to land safely.

It scared the shit out of me but that serves me right. I used a parkflyer type receiver (Corona) that is not meant for this type of plane. And I didn’t range check before I flew. So there. But I’ll try and learn from it, be happy that the plane flies well and is whole, and spend some moooneys on a new receiver as soon as possible.

Edge is ready

The Edge is ready to fly. The weather is perfect so it may not be long before it flies. It balanced about 5-10 mm in front of the recommended CG which is acceptable considering the big engine.

See photos here

91 surpass still lives

And what a temper that still lives in the old thing! It kicks like a mule on steriods but runs so well after all that mistreatment and oil-less storage.

That completes the Edge 540 radio setup and throttle installation. All that’s left now is stickers, cowling and a switch. I get nervous just thinking about flying. This is overpowering in every sense of the word.

Edge radio installation

I used kevlar instead of wire for the pull-pull rudder linkage. It is a lot less hassle in tight areas such as the rear fuse of the Edge where the wires come out, and so much easier to install. Just a drop of CA to fix it in place and it comes out tighter than wire. I added the ball-link on the elevator servo, but the rest is standard equipment supplied with the kit. The tailwheel is also installed, and it is very nice quality. Just visible in the picture is the 4 cell Sanyo 1100 NiCd strapped to the rear bulkhead. There’s no fuselage floor, just two stringers and plastic film so the receiver must also be strapped in s similar way to the bulkhead in front of the servos.

To do now is fix the cowl, hook up the throttle and I’m good to go. Knowing me that might be a month from now!

Edge engine

A very old O.S. .91 FS will provide power, and plenty of it.  Progess is steady and all bits just fall into place, this ARF is very well designed and the hardware adequate for the job, making life very easy indeed. Wings are ready, engine mounted, servos, battery and fuel system all in place.

Kyosho Edge 540

New plane! I needed a new 40-size machine for general fun flying and aerobatic practice and this one fit the bill very nicely. I will power it with an old OS .91 Surpass which is rather brutal as it’s only a 2kg job with 140cm wingspan. The kit is fantastic value, featuring plugin wings, removeable top hatch and very high quality prefabrication. It has large control surfaces but not ridiculously so. The hardware is nice, wire-control for the rudder and a very decent tail wheel assembly. Should be good for both pattern practice and a spot of hovering.