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Laser R.I.P

It happened a few weeks ago but I’ve tried not to think to much about it- the Laser crashed and was totally destroyed during practice in rough winds. It was much better but sadly not flown as much as the Red Laser that preceded it. Intended as a backup model I originally fitted it with an O.S 200 FS engine. It was fitted with a pump and Hatori header that was later sold cheap after realising it had none of the power I wanted. I replaced it with a YS 1.60 which I discovered was badly broken before I had a chance to fly it. It then got a used YS 1.70 DZ which performed really well. After changing fuel from one type of Rapicon to another it stopped on takeoff, breaking one undercarriage leg. It took a while to get the leg I wanted from Germany and by the time it got mended, last years flying season was over and I was eagerly looking forward to receiving my new Integral. The Laser was in storage for a full year until my Integral broke and then it came out of hiding, dutifully performing its role as backup model. It flew very nicely and after three trim flights due to a change to 2,4 Ghz it performed well. It was very honest to fly with no bad habits. Although not being able to match the Integral in knife-edge performance it was a very decent F3A model, despite looking like an IMAC half-breed.

There was a lot of wind that fateful day. I don’t really mind wind as long as it blows straight down the field but this was the kind of day when your model must be bolted to the grass in order to not fly away on its own, the kind of windy day only an idiot flies. I was that idiot. After the second round of P11 I was about to turn onto base leg for landing, and with a tailwind best described as a tornado, the idiot move I made was to retard the throttle and pull a little elevator to turn. It stalled, simply flicked forward and was blown nose-first into the dirt in the blink of an eye.

Crash pictures

Video (With OS 200)

“There he goes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.”
– From Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Blue Laser ready

The second Laser is ready to fly. I’m not sure about the weight but it should be lighter than it’s red sibling.
Here’s the list of goodies:
– OS 2.0 FS w/ Perry pump
– Hatori header and pipe
– Emcotec DPSI-mini RV dual magnetic switch w/regulator
– 2x Kokam 800Mah LiPo
– Graupner SMC-16 Scan SPCM receiver
– Hitec Servos
– Tettra 560ml Crank tank

It balanced perfecly without any adjustments. The spinner from Dave Brown will be substituted for a light backplate tru-turn after the next Central Hobbies order. And on tuesday this week, it flies. Wish me luck.
Pictures are here

Engine mount

The standard Lorenz soft mount was used. It’s just four rubbers attached to a glass/epoxy plate plus a fibre-filled glass mount. 

Axial, Lazulite, new by Lorenz

Lorenz now offers two new full-composite models, the trusty old Lazulite that was the European Championship model of Roland Matt and a brand new design called Axial. Many versions are on offer.

New design for the Lorenz Laser

Lorenz now offers another interesting design for their 2+2 Laser. This is offered as an option to the ARF version in addition to the established Laser and Bud Light designs and can also be adopted to other models from Lorenz. More pictures on Lorenz’ website, look under “F3A models.

New Lorenz model

Following the tradition of the High Society and Laser, the 2-meter Sharona from Lorenz is developed in-house as a GFK fuse and foam/balsa flying surfaces plane and available in every degree of completeness imaginable. Prices to be announced at the time of writing.

New model available at Lorenz

German F3A supplier Wolfgang Lorenz now imports the Styling 160 2-meter, said to be “real Japanese Quality” and at 1948 EUR for the prefinished airframe it probably is!